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The Loving Push:  How Parents and Professionals Can Help Spectrum Kids Become Successful Adults by Debra Moore and Temple Grandin

Autism Breakthrough:  The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World by Raun K. Kaufman

101 Games and Activities for Children With Autism, Asperger's and Sensory Processing Disorders by Tara Delaney

The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun:  Activities for Kids with Sensory Integration Dysfunction by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm

Uniquely Human:  A Different Way of Seeing Autism by PhD Barry M. Prizant and Tom Fields-Meyer

Neuro Tribes:  The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman and Oliver Sacks

Autism Adulthood:  Strategies and Insights for a Fulfilling Life by Susan Senator

Embracing Autism:  Connecting and Communicating with Children in the Autism Spectrum by Robert Parish and Susan Senator

How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger's by Jennifer McIlwee Meyers

Engaging Autism:  Using the Floortime Approach to Help Children Relate, Communicate, and Think by Stanley I. Greenspan and Serena Wieder

Parent Survival Manual:  A Guide to Crisis Resolution in Autism and Related Developmental Disorders (Plenum Studies in Work and Industry) by Eric Schopler (Editor)                                       ​

Life, Animated:  A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism by Ron Suskind

Far From the Tree:  Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity  ​by Andrew Solomon

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