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​​Support Organizations and Information

Autism Speaks
Autism Society
ARC's Autism Now
Autism Community

Autism Research Institute

Autism Web

Center for Parent Information and Resources

​Easter Seals
Federation for Children with Special Needs

Goodwill Industries
United Cerebral Palsy

​Best Buddies

Family Network on Disabilities

Friendship Circle
My Autism Team
For Dads:  Dads 4 Special Kids

Help Guide

National Autism Center

International Autism Organizations

Autism Speaks' HUGE List of International Autism Organizations, alphabetical

Research Autism

Health and Safety

Autism, Epilepsy, and Seizure brochure

Project Lifesaver


Dental Tool Kit

Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet Support Group

Pecan Bread, Specific Carbohydrate Diet
The Paleo Diet

​Univ. of Maryland Medical Center Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide

Adult Autism Resources


Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center, Seattle

Advancing Futures for Adults with  Autism

Agricultural Communities for Adults with Autism, articles

AMC Theatres Diversity and Inclusion

ARI's Autism Employment Resource Center

Autism Speaks' Transition Toolkit

National Council for Independent Living

Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation



Autism Web's "Materials for Autism Teaching Programs: ABA, VB and more"


Special Education Performance Data by State

Autism Internet Modules

The Autism Program


Autism Treatment Center of America

Government Resources and Information

Americans with Disabilities Act Technical Assistance


State-by-State Medicaid Waiver Information 


​Special Education Performance Data by State